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Japan Uses Tsunami Money to Fund Whaling


  Times have been tough in terms of money. Families are struggling to make ends meet and to simply get by. With the trouble that the economy has put on many people, things… Continue reading

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The Suffering of a Nation (via Cove Guardian Liberty Miller)


The Suffering of a Nation I’ve been told numerous times that I’m a “bad American” because I’m not a baseball fan, I don’t like apple pie or eat hotdogs and I strongly feel… Continue reading

Taiji, Japan: The Cove to The Tsunami


It would seem that the Academy Award winning film ‘The Cove’ put an end to the senseless dolphin slaughter, but it did not. This past hunting season started in September of 2010 and… Continue reading

We Are The Media – 3 | #WeAreThe99%


After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I believe this video deserves some attention. You may be reluctant to accept it at first, unless of course, you have viewed my previous posts: We… Continue reading

#TheCove Tsunami – UPDATE


I copied the following from Steven Thompson‘s facebook page. He lives in Japan Please also Click Here to read Sea Shepherd’s report. Click Here to see video streemed live by the Cove Guardians.… Continue reading