My Prediction

Goats rescued from the QinetiQ ex-military lab...

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I believe that there should be three groups to govern the seas. Greenpeace: for research, protesting and deliberating with the suits. Sea Shepherd: for protesting and taking action. Then there should be a black ops group, like Animal Liberation Front or The Black Fish, that the other groups send in for special situations, but deny having any part of.

If all donations and funding were funneled in such a way, Sea Shepherd would be bigger than the Vatican. They would be a force to be reckoned with that could go anywhere and do anything.

The matter of the fact is that there are activist groups popping up everywhere and coming out of the woodwork. These people have their own zeal and drive toward the same goal as we all do. I cannot help but wonder, however, if it may turn out to be more beneficial to have multiple units placed strategically around the globe, than to have an army in some distant land. This is all coming to a monumental moment of epic proportions. And when the animal rights movement finally gets to a point of justifiable rage, they will strike from within.

“We must cultivate a universal responsibility toward each other and extend it to the planet that we have to share.” – Dalai Lama