Respect The Cove Guardians

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

My father once said, “Think before you speak.” I can understand how difficult it may be for some of us, feeling so utterly helpless. We are unable to do what we wish we could. We are unable to go to Taiji. We are unable to cut the nets to free the dolphins but as long as we are doing what we can do, then we are giving it our best.

It was said that individuals were giving the Cove Guardians flack for not cutting the nets. We would not be able to have these discussions if they tried, because they would be in jail or deported and there would be no one to feed us our daily blogs.

I will be the first to say that I have no idea how I would handle being there. How about you? Could you do it? Could you handle going day to day with a feeling of dread anticipation in the pit of your stomach? Knowing each time that you woke up (after barely being able to sleep) that it could be the day? Then when the impending doom came true, would you be able to watch? Or would you look away? Would you be able to zoom in and hold a camera steady so that the rest of us, the rest of the world could see? Could you? Could you do it again and again?

I said the other day that it was a good thing I wasn’t there because I might find myself hurling my body onto one of the fisherman’s spears. Well, wouldn’t that be sweet? How utterly selfish could I be? I would be nice and dead, not having to deal with it all and I would probably muck it up for everyone because they wouldn’t let anyone else near the cove after that. But I was just letting off steam when I said that. I was wishing. I really have no idea of what I would do. I may just freeze up. I may do as I did during Katrina by keeping my cool and taking charge only to have it hit me days later. But I am not there. Am I? They are!

The most horrific part of hurricane Katrina was only six hours long. I was stranded in its aftermath for only two days. I will have to deal with some things for a long time. Scott and Elora have been there for over a month! They are voluntarily sacrificing their mental and emotional well-being by engaging in premeditated post traumatic stress disorder so that the world can truly see just how savage and barbaric these fishymen are. Could you do that?

I understand why you may want to jump up and yell at the umpire, but this is not a game and when someone puts out so much of themselves only to hear a negative remark, it really hurts. So please, think before you type. I know that I may not be one to talk sometimes because I say some crazy things. Like, what kind of idiot would actually refer to hiring a hit man in a situation like this? But think about who you are addressing.

“By being inattentive to the needs of others, inevitably we end up harming them.” – Dalai Lama

Oh! I almost forgot. I would like to give thanks and pay my respects. Thank you Sea Shepherd for having someone there for us and mother earth. Thank you Taiji Action Dolphin Group for your incredible efforts. Thank you The Black Fish for trying to do what others dream of. And thanks a lot Greenpeace, you girl scout wannabe wusses! Good going WSPA! Where the hell were YOU? You still may be able to get there before the season is over if you can just get a note from you mothers! What about YOU, WWF? You may as well be a wrestling organization because things are starting to look a little phony from where I’m standing! WTF! You already have the same frickin’ letters WWF, in case you haven’t noticed! I don’t even know who the hell IFAW is, but I can tell you that Laurens De Groot is pretty pissed at you, too!

One thing is for damned sure! I will always remember this day and I will make sure that my children and my children’s children know that YOU WERE NOT THERE! Activists my ass!