Respect Your Allies and Their Heroes

Portrait of Paul Watson, Captain of Sea Shephe...

When Hitler was attempting to conquer the world, nations banned together for a common cause. We had allies fighting beside us to save the world from tyranny and to end the atrocities perpetrated by a mad man. Had we expended our energies fighting amongst our allies about who had the better country or who followed the better leader, we would probably be paying taxes to Berlin now.

As an activist, I am but a babe. I was born a product of the first season of  Whale Wars, under the leadership of  Captain Paul Watson. He is virtually my contact person into the green movement and he is my hero. I told my wife to never buy me a shirt unless it is from the Sea Shepherd store and I have a Sea Shepherd jolly roger tattoo on my forearm. There should be no question where my loyalties lie.

I am still hearing a lot of debate over Peter Bethune. If you consider yourself a follower of Pete Bethune, that is just fine with me. If you are also a follower of Paul Watson, that is cool too. There is nothing wrong with having two favorite rock bands but I am a groupie for Sea Shepherd as long as Paul Watson is the lead singer. Peter’s courageous deeds shall always be a welcome topic of discussion. I will not, however, engage in an argument or discuss any details about the scandal. It is wasted energy. Besides, I will not commit mutiny!

If you have an opinion, you are entitled to it. But please do not disrespect me by insulting my hero. We humans have a self defense mechanism that many times turns hurt to anger. When you bash someone’s hero, you are hurting their feelings.

We are on the same side. Let’s get past the petty details of a subject that should be long dead. We have an agenda to focus on. Let’s respect our allies and put up a good fight!

“Through kindness, affection, honesty, truth and justice toward all others we ensure our own benefit – this is a matter of common sense.” – Dalai Lama