Doing What We Can

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“Don’t worry! Everything is going to be alright,” I screamed into my wife’s ear.

“You promise?” she screamed into mine. I nodded with a smile. But I was lying; something which I never do. I was lying to my wife because I did not want her to know that we were both going to die. I wanted to assure her that there was no reason to panic. For six long hours I comforted her. For six long hours hurricane Katrina shot debris at our apartment building. Air conditioner units were catapulted and balconies were ripped away to be sent over rooftops. Trees were uprooted and power lines were whipped against our home with the repeating sound of a semi-automatic shotgun. I didn’t think that it was our last day on Earth; I knew it!

That was August 29, 2005. I will never forget. How could anyone forget a birthday in hell? Since then, I have had an overwhelming conviction that I am not supposed to be here. I am not supposed to be breathing. Why me? Why did I have to live while some poor innocent souls had to die. I had been nothing but a dreamer who had achieved no true significance and not an iota of success in his life. Why was I still here?

I still don’t have the answer to that question, but one thing is for certain . . . I am driven with a passion. I am fueled by a burning justifiable rage due to compassion for sentient beings that are falling victim to a holocaust in a pathetic little town called Taiji! I am vehemently consumed with a purpose and I will not rest until the atrocities against these innocent souls come to a firm halt. And I am royally pissed off at the people who are not doing what they can to help stop the insanity.

If you have a phone, call. Call whomever you can. Call the consulates and embassies to tell them how your life has been altered by the evils of Taiji. Tell them anything to end the madness. Keep them on the phone to take up a little time of their life for the dolphins who lost theirs. Call your local newspaper, radio stations and any venues of media you can think of. Call your friends and invite them over for dinner and a movie. The Cove.

If you have a computer keyboard, use it. Type until your fingers cramp. Write, copy, paste, email. Write, copy, paste, email. If you have the time and the money, get yourself to Taiji. What are you waiting for? If you have the money and no time, find someone you can sponsor.

There are other things you can do. Purchase copies of The Cove and arrange for a screening somewhere in your town. Donate DVDs to your local high school and/or college. Christmas vacation is coming soon. I’m sure you can win some college students over to the cause. They can help spread the word and some may even be able to go to Japan.

Whatever you do, don’t slow down. Don’t give in. Do all you can so that you and everyone around you knows that you did all you could. We are going to save this miserable world one way or another, but we have to each do all we possibly can for us to all do it together. With eleven of you, I make a dozen. With ninety-nine of you, I make a hundred. But I cannot do it without each and every one of you. You MATTER! Never give up. Never give in. For The Dolphins!

CLICK HERE to email the Prime Minister of Japan.

CLICK HERE for a list of Japanese consulates and embassies.

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