Do You See Stars?

Ben Stiller photographed by Jerry Avenaim

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Someone just sent me a note about having celebrities in Taiji. We had one there for a while and I will forever be a big fan of Leilani Münter for her dedication to stopping the atrocities against our dolphin friends. I will follow her every race. If she writes a book, I will buy it. If she cuts an album, I will purchase it, even if I have to sell some of my other CD’s to do so.

Hayden Panettiere was in Taiji during the making of The Cove movie. She has braved the traumatic experience that none of us should have to. She is currently on location filming a movie in places where she does not always have a cell phone or internet connection. If she were able to, she would be in Japan now.

I shouldn’t even have to mention Michelle Rodriguez. She’s out for a three month cruise to the Antarctica with Captain Paul Watson himself. I’d love to see any movie start top that! UPDATE: As it turns out, she was only in training for next year’s campaign.

Where are all the other celebrities? If you go to my YouTube channel, you will see that I have a great Public Service Announcement for The Cove. It is very inspirational and I commend the stars who took the time to speak for our cause. When I first saw the video, I thought, “This is great! These people are devoted to seeing the slaughters end. Surely, a few of them will be in Taiji to speak their minds.” I was wrong. Or was I? There is still time left in the season. Maybe we will see some stars soon.

Meanwhile dolphins are being killed. They are having their insides yanked out of them while they are still alive as their family watches. The lucky ones are being punched by trainers before going into a lifetime of slavery. The lucky ones had to watch as their mothers were butchered in front of them before being dragged off to a lifetime of slavery. The lucky ones were able to hold their breath long enough not to drown while trainers held them underwater. The lucky ones had to watch members of their family who weren’t so lucky and couldn’t hold their breath as long.

Someone asked me why I felt that a celebrity as a Cove Guardian would make any difference. Well, the media coverage would be significantly increased. This is obvious. The Cove would therefore be mentioned in celebrity gossip columns and entertainment venues. Stars have thousands of fans that are easily influenced by their idol’s actions.

If Pierce Brosnan were spending a few weeks as a Cove Guardian the media would certainly be there. If he attributed his passion for the cause to his viewing or The Cove film, I can promise you that his fans would be running out to buy the movie to see just what it was that made Mr. Brosnan want to spend some time in Taiji, Japan. The daily blog posts would have thousands more readers and we would have just as many more emails, calls and faxes going to Japanese Embassies.

Japanese people are fascinated with movie stars and music artists. Just think of how many Japanese citizens will be spending their weekends in Taiji! They would listen to what the celebrity had to say about the issue and we would have more activists right there at The Cove.

You might ask, “What about you, Holise? Why don’t you go to Taiji?” I’ll tell you why. I can’t afford it. I’m broke. In fact, I run across people all the time on facebook that have all the time in the world and no money. At the same time, I come across people with all the money and no time. Just a few weeks ago someone announced that they were going to Las Vegas for a week. What a shame! If only they would have had the time to go to The Cove instead. It must really suck being them.

The huge gap between rich and poor, globally and within nations, is not only morally wrong; it is also a source of practical problems.” – Dalai Lama

If you know any celebrities, please direct their attention to this issue. If you are a star, we need your light to shine on the atrocities of The Cove. Please, for the dolphins, go to Taiji. I will be your biggest fan if you do.

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