What About Whale Wars?

Emblem of the Prime Minister of Japan

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I just read an article in The Japan Times Online which indicates that the Japanese whaling fleet could very well be stuck in port for some time. According to Greenpeace Japan official Wakao Hanaoka, they can’t find a refueling ship to accommodate the whalers. The Sultans of Slaughter lost their other fueling ship and they can’t seem to make any new friends. Doesn’t it just tug at your heart strings? All these guys want to do is chase down a few hundred loving creatures to put on their dinner table and no one in the world wants to lend a hand. What a shame!

How long will they have to wait? How long will they have to sit on their thumbs waiting to set out and prove their manliness by murdering innocent sentient beings? They must be so hungry!

Who will come to their aid? Who will be the captain of the vessel that comes to their rescue? Who will want to be remembered throughout the annuls of time as the new handmaiden for the executioners of the sea? This it a monumental moment and the world is watching. It is the dawn of an age of change. It is the prelude to the first chapter of a story about how our world woke up and said, “Enough is enough!” Mother Earth is going to recover from her illness. I have hope that she will finally start to recover from the virus of mankind. Thank you Sea Shepherd!

But wait! What about Whale Wars? Will we get to see another season of Animal Planet‘s epic contribution to the planet? All is not lost, I say. I for one would be quite pleased to sit down on my love sofa with a veggie sub to watch Michelle Rodriquez and our seagoing heroes engage in a nice long game of charades or Pictionary. The possibilities are endless. It would be quite refreshing to see the crew engage in some whale watching. It would be fun to witness a snowball fight on an iceberg or a boat race.

Don’t we wish! It isn’t over yet. Some Satan-loving freak may still assist the devils of the Institute of Cetacean Research From Hell. Meanwhile, there are some spoiled demon brats in Taiji, Japan that love to shame their families and their country by gutting live dolphins for the world to see and there is not a damned thing their government can do about it. They own Taiji and the police and the Japanese Coast Guard in their region. The Japanese government have more than proven themselves weak and pathetic by allowing these atrocities to transpire. But the Prime Minister doesn’t have a choice. His hands are tied. He has heard our cries through thousands of emails, faxes and phone calls, but he can’t do a thing about Taiji-Hades. He can’t lift a finger to stop the madness because he is too weak. He is not a hero. Hell! I don’t even know his name. It’s not like he is famous for anything. It’s not like he will be adored for stepping up and making a stand to change the world for the good of all mankind. Even Hitler is more well known than he is. No one has ever been remembered for doing absolutely nothing. He is insignificant!

None of this changes the fact that we, as Cyber Whale Warriors, have a job to do. We actually do something and right now we are going to step up and make our voices resound over the electronic pathways of communications. We will compensate for his inhumanity and silence and show him what humans are made of.

Join with me now!

CLICK HERE to use the Google translator to convert your letter to Japanese.

CLICK HERE to email the Prime Minister of Japan.

CLICK HERE for a video on how to say, “Stop killing dolphins,” in Japanese.

CLICK HERE for a list of Japanese consulates and embassies.

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Martin Luther King

“And those who dismiss love for our fellow creatures as mere sentimentality overlook a good and important part of our humanity. But it takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal. And it is actually within us to grant them a happy life and a long one.” – Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLINGS

Read the article in The Japan Times Online HERE.

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UPDATE: Senator Bob Brown and Captain Paul Watson talk about the up coming Antarctic whale defence campaign by Sea Shepherd as the ships leave Hobart.