Too Much Time On My Hands

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For those of us who have seen The Cove, we all fit into one of three categories:

  1. Not able to become a Cove Guardian due to family or job responsibilities and lack of finances.
  2. You have the money, but you are not able to go to Taiji due to family or job responsibilities.
  3. You have too much time on your hands but no money in your pocket.

Let’s say that you could sponsor someone, but you don’t know where to start and you also don’t know who you can trust with your money. You certainly would not want to just send someone a check whom you have never met. Allow me to offer up a solution.

Get to know the potential Cove Guardian. Spend some time on the phone with them. A video chat would be even more personal. Check out their websites: facebook profile, MySpace account, YouTube channel, Twitter profile, homepage, etc. Check the dates on their posts and videos to make sure these pages haven’t just recently been created. You should then go with your instincts of gut feeling.

Now you have chosen someone to represent you on behalf of the dolphins. Let’s call him Joe. Should you just cut him a big check? No! There is a better way.

  • Have Joe obtain a prepaid Visa card and give you the necessary information to deposit money into the card’s account. This card will be for hotel accommodations and expenses estimated at $200 a day. (You could also pay for the hotel directly and put the difference on Joe’s Visa card.)
  • Purchase a non-refundable ticket in Joe’s name to be picked up at the airport. If you have a company, you may want to have someone meet him at the airport. This would be a great opportunity to give Joe a jacket or coat with your company’s logo to be worn at The Cove.
  • When Joe has boarded the plain, add money to his Visa for emergencies and his first night in Taiji. When you have confirmation that he has arrived, you can add weekly amounts.

That should take care of everything. If you have a better idea, I would love to hear it.

If you have the time and the desire to be a Cove Guardian, please leave a comment below telling us a little bit about yourself. Be sure to mention whether or not you have a current passport.

If you have the means to sponsor someone, please subscribe to this post so that you can receive an update when comments are posted.

I fall into category #3, as do many people I come across on the internet. I would love to go to Taiji, but I do not have a passport as of yet. A passport application requires dates of departure and arrival. Silly! isn’t it?  If you are in a hurry to get someone to Taiji, you may want to offer your sponsorship to someone who already has one. Otherwise, I am open for discussion. And if you do not have more than enough money to sponsor someone as a Cove Guardian, please just give what you can to Sea Shepherd.

For the Dolphins,

Holise E Cleveland III