Michelle Rodriguez on Still Wild Still Threatened

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This is way too cool! We are starting to See Stars! It was getting pretty dark for a while, but it wasn’t always like that. In 2005, Richard Dean Anderson was very much involved with Sea Shepherd’s campaign to save harp seals. He was even on the SSCS board of directors. In 2008, Daryl Hannah helped shine the spotlight on anti-whaling. Hayden Panettiere was in Taiji during the making of The Cove movie and she is the spokesperson for The Whaleman Foundation. In October, Leilani Münter was actually a Cove Guardian.

Is that it? Where are the rest of the stars? The Cove PSA video has a ton of them, but we need some of them to come out of their comfort zone and be Cove Guardians. Meanwhile dolphins are being killed. They are having their insides yanked out of them while they are still alive as their family watches. The lucky ones are being punched by trainers before going into a lifetime of slavery. The lucky ones had to watch as their mothers were butchered in front of them before being dragged off to a lifetime of slavery. The lucky ones were able to hold their breath long enough not to drown while trainers held them underwater. The lucky ones had to watch members of their family who weren’t so lucky and couldn’t hold their breath as long.

Maybe if we concentrate on getting a copy of The Cove to celebrities, they might watch it. Maybe that is the motivation they need, because I can’t imagine that they actually saw The Cove and did not make an effort to become a Cove Guardian. There are so many of us regular people who wish we could go to Taiji, yet are unable to. It is unfathomable that the people who can both make a difference and actually have the financial means, would not go to The Cove after seeing the movie. I simply can’t accept the concept. It is quite clear to me that they really don’t know what is going on.

We need Jennifer Aniston as a Cove Guardian. We need Ben Stiller in Taiji. We need Robin Williams at the cove. We need Courtney Cox, Pierce Brosnan, Mariska Hargitay, Sir Paul McCartney, Jorge Garcia, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Kartherine Heigl, Hulk Hogan, Whoopi Goldberg, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Linda Blair, Kim Basinger, Dave Matthews, Christina Applegate or any animal loving celebrity to step up and be a Cove Guardian! I am calling you out! Watch The Cove! Don’t be afraid. If I can do it, so can you. Are you broke? Did you blow all of your money? I am willing to bet you can get a sponsor if you announce that you need one. Are you not too keen on seeing blood? That’s okay. You can just stand on the beach and educate the masses who will undoubtedly be there to see you.

Now before anyone asks why stars at The Cove would be beneficial, please read Do You See Stars? If anyone still has the urge to say that celebrities at The Cove wouldn’t make a difference or something really stupid about the idea being a crutch, just keep keep it to yourself so that we don’t have to use the Jaws Of Life to get your foot out of your mouth.

UPDATE: December 04, 2010

This is what is happening while all of you caring stars spend your precious and safe days away from Taiji. Do you care?!