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Sunday, December 12, 2010 

Eric, Chasity and Linden

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The Dolphins of Taiji

Taiji is a town off the coast of southern Japan. The little fishing town is home to about 3,500 people and is known as the birth place of whaling in Japan. For generations the men of Taiji have hunted whales and dolphins, both in the waters of Japan and in the Southern Ocean off Antarctica. The village is very proud of their heritage. To these men, fewer then 30, they are simply carrying on a tradition that has been passed down for hundreds of years. To the people of Taiji dolphins and whales are just fish. They see nothing wrong with killing, consuming and selling them. To them what they are doing is no different then other countries killing and consuming Cows, Pigs, or Chickens. Japans population is massive and the country is not suitable for farming like other countries. They feel turning to the ocean is their only choice. Many Japanese residents believe that the outside world is harshly judging them without understanding their culture, their over all needs, and simply their way of life.

Every year Japan’s Fisheries Agency issues the Hunters of Taiji a permit to kill at least 2,000 dolphins. Dolphins migrate every year off the coast of Taiji. From September 1st through March the hunters (NOTE~ they call themselves fishermen, but dolphins and small whales are not fish, so we will not call them fishermen.), set out to kill these dolphins and also catch dolphins to be sold in the live dolphin trade.  This activity is known as “Dolphin Drives”.

As the sun raises in Taiji, the hunters board boats called Banger Boats and set off to find their catch. Banger Boats have a metal pole that extends from the boats deck into the water. The hunters bang on this pole to drive the dolphins. Once a pod is found the group of banger boats work together in formation to drive the dolphins back into the Cove of Taiji. By Banging on the poles the hunters are able to scare the dolphins and get them to go the direction they want them to. Though disoriented, the dolphins fight for hours to get away. There are times when their persistence and hard work pay off, and the dolphins escape. But this is not always the case.

Driving a pod of Dolphins into the Cove of Japan

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It is worth reminding ourselves that the greatest joy and satisfaction in life come from actions we undertake out of concern for others.” – Dalai Lama