Japan’s Economic Crisis

Taiji MassacreAccording to my friend Jan in the U.K., there was a radio announcement that The Bank Of Japan has carried out a survey to determine why their economy is in a downward spiral. Well, I guess they have been talking to the wrong people. Had they checked with the office of the Japanese Prime Minister, they would have known about the millions of calls, faxes and emails that have been sent out expressing serious displeasure with a little town in the Wakayama Prefecture. Taiji is engaging in a primitive and barbaric massacre of dolphins, almost on a daily basis. It is because of this atrocity that many people are boycotting Japanese products.

I and my family are a part of this boycott and my reasons are simple. I can’t look at anything from Japan without seeing The Cove filled with blood. I have tried to explain this to the local Japanese consulate and embassy. I told them that if they did not stop the holocaust in Taiji, I would never buy their merchandise again. Ever! They did not listen, so I now have to keep my word.

Jan’s idea is to write The Bank Of Japan and tell them why you are boycotting. Let’s take her up on this marvelous idea. Maybe if the bank gets enough emails, they will have the answer they are looking for. Write them now!


Here is the email that I sent:

Subject: Japan’s Economy

To Whom It May Concern:

I will not purchase any Japanese products because of the dolphin massacres in Taiji. I will not let my family ever purchase Japanese products for as long as they live or they will …bring shame upon their family name. We have begged and pleaded with the Japanese Prime Minister, the Fisherman’s Union, Japanese consulates and Japanese embassies throughout the world to stop the killing. They would not stop.

I therefore will never cease my boycott. I also share pictures and videos with people where ever I may go. I tell everyone about the holocaust in Taiji. They are always horrified and promise to tell others. Many of them have decided to boycott Japan’s products.

Even my teenage son spreads the word on this primitive barbaric practice. This is why Japan will eventually become a third world country. We will not stop until they stop killing dolphins. This will not go away. We have made it out purpose in life.

For The Dolphins,
Holise E Cleveland III












Holise Cleveland III

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