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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Judgment Day

Author: Janice, Ocean Activist.

I was chastised by someone who told me I should not use the word “killer” in my blogs. What exactly should I call those who perform heinous acts? Fishermen catch fish and dolphins are not fish so I really struggle with calling them fishermen. The clients of the Cove Guardians are the dolphins and if they could speak, I am sure they would be fine with my use of the word “killer”.

I was also told that I probably don’t understand the “cultural intricacies”. I have absolutely no respect for anyone who kills whales or dolphins and uses “culture” as an excuse. Killing a dolphin is murder and I have no intention of calling it anything else.

Killing dolphins in Taiji started in the 1970s. The dolphin genocide is driven by greed and big business; not culture. The killing would probably cease entirely if it were not for the captive dolphin trade and the captive dolphin trade is not “culture”.

Most people in Japan have never eaten whale and extremely few people eat dolphin. One of my colleagues regularly talks with school children and they were shocked to learn that people in the next town kill dolphins and were horrified that they actually eat them. Saying that people in Japan grew up eating dolphin would be the same as saying that everyone in Toronto and Montreal was raised on Polar Bear meat.

People take pride in their culture. They are willing to share it with others so that we can all understand their traditions, but the killers of Taiji have gone to great lengths to hide their monstrous acts.


Hiding the victims under a tarp.

If anyone has any ideas regarding how to end the dolphin slaughter, by all means, come on over and give it a try. Until you have spent time here, please don’t judge or criticize the strategies of those who are living with this horror on a daily basis. We are hard enough on ourselves because we have not yet been able to stop the dolphin slaughter and we should not be judged from afar by those who do not understand the situation.

For the Oceans,


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