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Prime Minister official residence, Japan 総理大臣官邸

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If you have not read ‘Dolphins In Georgia,’ you should. In reference to Dolphins In Georgia . . .

bectheactivist writes:

The Cove turned me into an activist! I’m living proof of your blog!

My Reply:

Bravo! I will have to admit that I was an activist at heart, after seeing Whale Wars. ‘The Cove,’ however. is what jolted me into action. Since the blood season started in September, I have spent an average of 14 hours a day working to create awareness on the Taiji holocaust. It is those fishermen that are fueling our resolve. Had they not started the massacres this year, many of us would have settled back into our daily mundane lives. In some morbid way, they are the ones to thank for giving birth to hundreds of thousands of die-hard activists around the world. We are now committed for life!

Prime Minister of Japan, you can thank yourself for being a weak and incompetent fool! Your inability to take the necessary actions to stop the Taiji blood baths, has prompted me to be your worst nightmare. Your sentimentality for hanging onto primitive barbaric traditions has created an army of Cyber Whale Warriors. You will always be remembered for this. Your family will feel your shame long after you are gone.

You can visit bectheactivist HERE.

Conspiracy Of SilenceTunnel

by Cove Guardian, Janice Oceans

We had another awesome day with no death in the Cove!    We hope the Christmas break will begin tomorrow and that the dolphins will not be in danger for at least a week.
Last night I went down to the hot springs by the harbour to soak my feet and look at the moon.   A man approached me and I recognized him because he had spoken to me in the grocery store last week.  He was extremely friendly and I wondered if he knew why I was in Japan.

He said, “Oh yes, I know you are with Sea Shepherd and I have no problem with you and the young people in Japan really like you”.   He went on to say that dolphins are extremely intelligent and that he wished . . . READ MORE HERE

A Quiet Cove . . .Nicole

by Nicole McLachlan

For the third day running, there have been no dolphins herded and slaughtered in the Cove!

All boats left the harbour this morning, and once again returned quite early with nothing to show for their efforts… One of the boats appeared to have encountered some kind of problem as it was returning into harbour, and it was dry docked- we’ll definitely check it out tomorrow, it would be fantastic to have a banger boat out of action! It is a great sign that these men are using up money in fuel and other expenses, while not being able to herd any dolphins. This means they are not gaining financially from their efforts- hopefully this will continue, and similar to the situation in the Southern Ocean, it will begin to appear as if they are in no position of gain at all by hunting dolphins.

Lately, with a significant increase in time on our hands due to there being no slaughters for the past few days- we have been brainstorming new ideas to effectively utilise our time in Taiji and the local area, to engage the local people in discussions about what is going on right around the corner from their homes… We have come up with a few ideas, which . . . READ MORE HERE

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