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You may have read Chasity Reed’s blog, A Family Standing Up For What They Believe In. You would then know of her incredibly informative and highly unique articles. Well just when you thought she could not outdo herself, she delivers a video that makes it difficult for even me not to shed a tear! Her video, ‘Where Are You Now?‘ is not even a day old and it is a hit! Here’s what others had to say about ‘Where Are You Now?

“Wow, this is amazing!! I love it! Definitely needs to be spread around Facebook like wildfire!” ~ Nicole McLachlan, Cove Guardian

“I love it, Holise! Where are the celebrities now???” ~ Liberty Katsinis, Sea Shepherd member and Cove Guardian

“PLEASE share this video! Let’s make this one go viral people… Misty and every dolphin still alive swimming in our oceans now NEED this to be shared. This is a POWERFUL video and SSCS Cove Guardians ROCK! Thank you for being there and starting something… a ripple can become a wave!” ~ Suzanne West

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