SeaShepherd Offers $5,000 For Captive Dolphin

2008 Paul Watson, Mr. Serious

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“The most compassionate form of giving is done with no thought or expectation of reward, and grounded in genuine concern for others.” – Dalai Lama

Captain Paul Watson yet again shows the world what a shepherd truly is.

While the Cove Guardians were scoping out the Dolphin Hotel in Taij, Japan they happened across a sickly dolphin whom they have nicknamed Misty. The ill cetacean floats in a small pool filled of murky water and its own feces. There is no evidence that this beloved being has been fed. In fact, the Guardians monitored Misty for some time. Even when the other dolphins at the Dolphin Hotel Prison were being fed, none of the staff made any attempt to feed Misty. If something is not done soon, death is inevitable. You can read more about Misty Here.

There is hope! Below is what I had the pleasure of reading on Captain Paul Watson’s Facebook page:

Free Misty for Me

Captain Paul Watson Offers $5000 for Captive Taiji Dolphin

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Founder and President Paul Watson has offered to pay $5000 for the life of one dolphin being held in captivity in Taiji, Japan.

“I have requested the Cove Guardians approach whoever the person is who is responsible for holding this dolphin in a small pool in Taiji to turn the dolphin over to the Cove Guardians to be cared for and released back into the wild. In return I will personally give this person or persons $5,000 U.S. as compensation for their consideration.”

This dolphin has been named Misty. Unless taken from the pool where it is being currently held, the dolphin will most likely die.

*UPDATE: It is my understanding that Capt. Paul Watson has offered this ransom from his own pocket. Also, Sea Shepherd member, Libby Katsinis, interviewed a member of the Dolphin Hotel staff (see video below) who said that Misty will not be sold for any amount of money. Libby was also asked to tell the world to stop calling and emailing. I, for one, will not stop until that dolphin is free. The people at this Dolphin Hotel are regular people doing their jobs. They are not the Fisherman’s Union and they are not stuffy government officials at an embassy. These are real people and I think that we have finally found the chink in the armor of the dolphin slavery enterprise in Taiji!

Keep calling and keep emailing. Keep in mind that you may actually be able to get through to these people. If we can turn these simple townspeople around, we may get support from them. So when you are finished emailing and calling the Dolphin Hotel, send links out to others telling them of Misty’s demise. Send this article, Sea Shepherd’s post, the Save Misty facebook page and everything you can across the endless pathways of the internet. Spread the news far and wide! Tweet it, email it, post it and shout it out loud! Then call and email the Dolphin Hotel again.

In order to call Dolphin Base from the United States, dial 011-81-0735-59-3514 or send e-mail to Keep your comments polite, please!

You can follow Misty’s plight on the official Cove Guardian’s Daily Report Page here.

See a video of Misty HERE.

Visit ‘Save Misty the Dolphin’ on Facebook HERE.

More Links On Misty:

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UPDATE: 03JAN2011 – Misty has been relocated! Click Here for more . . .

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