Freaked Out Friday

2007 11 24 - 194 - Chesapeake Bay

Image by thisisbossi via Flickr

There have been multiple reports of mass animal deaths worldwide. You may have heard of the 5,000 birds or the 100,000 fish suddenly dying in Arkansas. 500 birds dropped dead in Louisiana, Two million fish washed ashore in Chesapeake Bay and 15 tons of fish were found dead in Brazil. But that is only a small portion of the mass deaths worldwide. Someone has taken the time to compile a global map of all sudden mass deaths. Keep in mind that the reports are just that; reports. We have no idea how much of this has happened in the wilderness where there is no one to call the local news media. You can see the map here. Click on any point to get an estimate of the number of casualties for that area. I’d like to thank my friend, Catherine Weiss, for pointing this map out to me.

Fur Free Friday

In my post, Cyber Activists Unite, I initiated a program whereby we can all make a difference for our animal friends. It’s really quite simple. Some people have a passion for helping the marine life, while others wage war against factory farming or the fur trade. No matter what you mission, you can help us by focusing on one issue a day with just one phone call, fax or email. If all activists worldwide sent one email on the same day to one institution, we would be heard loud and clear. You can participate today by choosing the day of the week at the top of my site or by Clicking Here. If you haven’t read Cyber Activists Unite, feel free to do so Here.

WBAI Interviews Watson on Anti-whaling campaign, SSCS and WIkileaks

by: “Taffy Williams”   ny4whales

Thu Jan 6, 2011 7:03 pm (PST)

In case you missed this yesterday you can hear it on archives – starts
at 8 minutes after; listen until just past half hour for all of the
anti-whaling info exposed by WBAI’s Robert Knight.

Capt. Paul Watson Live Interview

“The only dolphins ever released and saved at Taiji were by Sea Shepherd and yet we hear all the critics condemning us for not freeing any this season. By all means, to those who would judge us, come to Taiji and show us how you would do it. We would love to see your expertise.” ~ Captain Paul Watson | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


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