Open Letter To PM Julia Gillard

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I just read in The Sydney Morning Herald that you are calling for “calm” in the Southern Ocean between Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whalers. Are you on drugs? Did you somehow get Sea Shepherd confused with Greenpeace? Do you really expect real activists to stand by and watch greenpeacefully as whales are being illegally slaughtered in your waters?

The article says that you are asking both parties to act more responsibly. What is your basis on having the authority to make such a request? You are the one responsible for your waters. You are the one responsible for the “ocean sanctuary” where the whalers are committing their crimes! You should therefore be held responsible for each and every whale that is slaughtered on your watch and you should compensate Sea Shepherd Conservation Society financially for having to do your job! Look! I’ve even provided the link for you.

You also said, “This is a remote, inhospitable, dangerous place.”

How much research did you have to do to come up with that precious nugget of wisdom? You also said, “Any sense that somehow you can act irresponsibly and somehow someone miraculously turns up to save you – that is not the way the world works.”

Oh? And how would you know from way up there in your little world? Is this a result of your intensive research or is it what the Japanese government told you to say?

Why don’t you go down there yourself and show everyone how to act? I will tell you why. You don’t have the balls! You will never be as noble and courageous as Captain Paul Watson and his crew of volunteers.  The way this “world works” Julia, is that people remember! They will remember what they read in the newspapers and you will go down in history for publicly making stupid remarks while Sea Shepherd is doing your job.

Hey, Julia! Guess what Greg Hunt had to say about the whalers’ whining. He said, “It confirms the need for an independent vessel to be in the area that can monitor these events and take a leading role in search and rescue if necessary.”

Do you know this guy, Julia? Have you met Greg Hunt? If not, I suggest you invite him to lunch so that you and he can have a little chat. Apparently, he has a better grip on reality. Furthermore, The Sydney Morning Herald must consider him a pretty important fellow if they are quoting him saying what everyone else has been saying all along. I have to admit; his statement actually looks pretty damned brilliant up against your feeble mutterings.  You are saying that no one is going down there and he is saying that someone should have already been there. Can you say, “Duh?” You really should try to get some pointers from this guy.

In case you haven’t read the article that came out in your country, here it is. “PM urges calm as whalers, activists clash” by Julian Drape, The Sydney Morning Herald

Have a nice day!


Holise E. Cleveland III

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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