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Sheri Hargrove - Cove GuardianPort Aransas woman to join effort to save dolphins in Japan

By Steven Alford

CORPUS CHRISTI — When Sheri Hargrove rented a documentary two years ago about dolphin killings in a small Japanese town, she had no idea it would take her across the globe.

The 41-year-old glass artist, who lives in Port Aransas, is headed to Taiji, Japan, to join the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an activist group seen on Animal Planet’s television series “Whale Wars.”

After watching “The Cove,” an Oscar-winning 2009 documentary, Hargrove said she tossed and turned at night, unable to sleep.

How could someone kill dolphins indiscriminately? Hargrove pondered. Read More…

Whale Activist Vows to Fast Till Death

by brightpathvideo

Tom Falvey is a friend of mine. We go way back to Greenpeace days. Tom is determined to hold onto this life threatening fast until Japan ends its hostile aggression against both the whales in the arctic seas (Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary) and against the brave Sea Shepherd crew desperately trying to protect the whales.

Please help him by writing letters to the Secretary of State and Embassy of Japan. Addresses below.

Hunger Strike Against Aggression
Japan has sent its whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in defiance of international law. It has also sent armed cost guard personnel with them in response to nonviolent activists upholding the law. Japan has not stated its intentions. The fact remains that it has deployed the capability to forcibly board or disable the activists’ ships. The threat of deadly force in support of an illegal enterprise constitutes armed aggression.

I will fast until death unless Japan renounces the use of force against those defending the integrity of the Sanctuary. Read More…

Skinned Alive: New Mercy For Animals Undercover Investigation


Over the past five years or so, undercover video investigations have documented egregious cruelties suffered by just about every type of farmed animal: from newly hatched chicks, to breeder sows, to cattle at the slaughterhouse. But when it comes to animal cruelty, fish never get much attention—despite the fact that research shows that they’re fully able to feel pain.

This morning, Mercy For Animals released what may be the first-ever undercover video investigation documenting cruelty to fish. Though just two minutes in length, it’s every bit as disturbing to watch as any other undercover video I’ve ever witnessed; perhaps indeed moreso. I found myself recoiling throughout this video. Read More…

Fox Shoots Hunter With Gun in Belarus

By Zoe Triska – The Huffington Post

A man in northern Belarus was recently outfoxed…by a fox.

According to Reuters, the hunter approached the fox after wounding it, intent on killing it with the butt of his rifle.

However, the two ended up getting into a tussle, and the fox managed to trigger the rifle, shooting the hunter in the leg.

A prosecutor from the Grodno region said, “The animal fiercely resisted and in the struggle accidentally pulled the trigger with its paw.”

The hunter is currently in the hospital with a leg wound, and the fox just happened to escape. Read More…

Let's just keep on TALKING about it!Sting Meets Dolphin Advocate, Hopes For Debate

By The Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) — Sting wants to help save dolphins still being brutally slaughtered in Japan, but says the best way is by starting a debate, not by forcing foreign opinion.

The British music star met backstage at a Tokyo concert hall Wednesday with Ric O’Barry, the star of the “The Cove,” the Academy Award-winning documentary that depicts the dolphin hunt in the town of Taiji in southwestern Japan.

The two have been friends since the Sundance Film Festival two years ago, where “The Cove” had its first major showing.

The film, directed by Louie Psihoyos, shows dolphins driven into a cove and stabbed by fishermen on small boats, turning the water red with blood, as the dolphins writhe in agony.

“I was blown away by the movie,” Sting told The Associated Press before his concert. “We should not be eating dolphins.” Read More…


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