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I love the Chinese people. I never met one I didn’t like. I love their culture and their language is like music to me. I have even started learning Mandarin and I love watching movies like Hero, Iron Monkey and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in their original language.Click to see Image!

There is darkness in many corners of our world. It is the complete absence of light that festers in a few humans that inhabit this planet. I don’t know why and I don’t understand it, but the evil seems to be growing. Or is it? Is it simply a matter of statistics that there will always be a percentage of bad apples on our planet? I think not. I believe the parties responsible are the ones in power. Our governments allow the evil to exist. They have a moral responsibility to protect the majority and to hear the cry for justice and goodness in our societies.

The photograph that you see here (on the right) describes a Chinese delicacy believed to be a fountain of youth and a medicinal aphrodisiac. In the article, one person boasts of how he has a bowl every night. This culinary abhorrence should be banned in China, but it is not. I can see now why the citizens of China would see nothing wrong with shark’s fin soup. Because what is wrong with shark’s fin soup compared to soup made from human infants?

Little baby girls are being cooked in Chinese medicines and eaten in China! It’s the females that are in demand for this dish. It’s the government that allows it.

Now it makes perfect sense. When the rest of the world refused to have any part of the barbaric seal massacre in Canada, the Chinese government was more than happy to get in bed with the Canadian government. For all we know, the officials may have met one day to rub each other with dead seal pelts over a nice hot bowl of baby girl soup!

I found this photograph on the Earthlings facebook site. I had a friend translate it for me. She told me that she has known about this sick practice for a long time. She asked me to send the picture to everyone in Canada. At first, I didn’t make the connection. She explained that she is angry, because these two governments made this deal.

Our politicians seem to have their own agendas. I have had Canadians tell me that they are against sealing, I have had Japanese people tell me that they are against killing dolphins and now I hear about this! In each case, it is a small group that is being given special treatment despite the consensus of the majority. I have heard about the sealers and I have been told that the fisherman in Taiji are the idiots of Japan. The good people of Japan tell me these morons could never  do any other kind of work. I don’t doubt it. All you have to do is watch any one of the videos to see just how utterly stupid they are. These are the types that are too stupid to even know that they are stupid and that’s why they feel they can argue their case.

Since when do our governments provide favoritism for stupidity? What the hell is going on here? How far will it go? When are we going to actually have a say about what goes on in a so-called democracy? Well, here’s some food for thought. Click Here!

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