Cyber Campaigning | #Activism

I put this video together to give you an idea of what I do each day. I have my laptop plugged into my TV, so that I have a very large monitor to work with. I sit on my couch with a cordless keyboard and mouse.

TweetDeck is a free application that allows me to engage in multiple tasks. I have fifteen columns open in TweetDeck. Most of then are Twitter lists. The thing I love most about TweetDeck is that it allows me to post to more than just Twitter. In a few clicks, I can also post my tweets to Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, FourSquare and MySpace. I can share one link to an article, video or photograph to all these services quite easily.

If you spend some time on Twitter, I recommend you get TweetDeck an sign up for some of these services. We are the media and the internet is our forum.

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