#Canada’s #Seal-Clubbing MANtality! | #AnimalWelfare #AnimalRights

The Canadian government thinks that killing innocent seals is a wonderful idea, despite the fact that the majority of Baby SealCanadians are against it. Well what do you expect from a totalitarian state? It is totalitarian; isn’t it? No, wait. I thought it was a democracy! Oh well. It’s hard to tell anymore.

Anyway, Canada had a little problem trying to sell the products of their little holocaust hobby. It seems that most of the world wants nothing to do with their seal cull. What a shame! Members of the Canadian government would have no real excuse for letting the brutality go on. They would no longer be able to be able to send their evenings with their families, going over fresh new photos of blood-soaked snow. Damn! They would have to settle for old pictures of seals killed too long ago.

Canada’s Prime Ministers were not about to give up so easily. They kept on looking for someone to buy their dirty laundry. Lo and behold! They found a customer. Who could possibly make a better business partner in blood than cannibals? That’s right! China’s government says that it is okay to eat humans. Wow! Canada must have been feeling rather aroused when they heard this! Certainly China would accept their bloody trade. China has.

Freedom of Choice most rational in ChinaBaby and Spices

Logical Progress

While every year tons and tons of nutritious baby-meat is just thrown out in Europe and America, Chinese gourmands make good use of their baby-cull. A little non-human stewed for 8 hours with Chinese herbs is thought to boost one’s “yang”. Naturally, a mother has the right to choose.

A restaurant in Foshan, Guangdong Province, calls the dish, “spare ribs”. The chef collects girl babies from the surrounding poor villagers; sometimes an aborted baby, sometimes a still-born, sometimes an infanticided second child. The restaurant guarantees that its babies are fresh, not frozen.

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