Japan’s Tsunami Disaster NOT Karma

I’ve come across many posts by people who have seen ‘The Cove’ saying that the disaster was a result of karma. I can truly understand your anger, but I can assure you that karma is more selective. The Japanese people, as a whole, are good people. They are very intelligent and moral. Most citizens of Japan abhor the dolphin massacres and many even protest it. You also must understand that they are under pressure from their local and national governments to keep their opinions to themselves. Any attempt to speak up may be met with a warning from the authorities that their jobs and those of their families will be in danger.

The Cove Guardians, who have spent much time in the town of Taiji, have much to share on this subject. I would like to thank them personally for helping me address this issue.

“The ladies who ran the hotel where we stayed were extremely kind to us. One morning in December, there was a surprise for us in the lobby. The ladies had returned to the hotel during the night and decorated a Christmas tree. Christmas trees are not a big tradition in Japan and the Japanese do not celebrate Christmas to the extent we do in North America, but these wonderful ladies had gone out of their way to make us feel at home.” Janice Oceans, Cove Guardian

“To say that the destruction of a nation is karma for the poor choices of a few men is beyond comprehension. No one deserves death, destruction of their lives or livelihood, loss of their communities, friends and family for ANY reason! The earthquake and tsunami are tragedies that should humble us all, as we are all vulnerable to mother nature and her power.
“We might not see eye to eye on the issues of whaling and dolphin hunting, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings. We all love and feel pain just the same and no one deserves what has happened to the Japanese people.” – Steve Severson, Cove Guardian

“If the tsunami is karma for Japan, I cannot imagine the horror in store for the western world.” – Steven Thompson, Japan lover and activist – Taiji Action Dolphin Group

“From the little I know of Karma, it can go back many lifetimes. So that stubbed toe you just got could be from a piece of candy you stole centuries ago. I’m not sure Karma works in these broad natural disasters. I think those just happen as a reminder that we are temporary.

“My time in Japan started with the kindest people I have met on this planet. I knew not a word of Japanese but with body language and smiles was helped along my journey. At a restaurant, I wanted only noodles and vegetables. I saw the waitress trying to explain it to the chef. He marched out to my table and walked me to the front door. Instead of throwing me out, he showed me the plastic food in the window and made a swooshing motion over the bits of meat. We laughed and bowed and my meal was delicious. My last night in Japan was spent in the village of Koyasan. If you want to experience the ultimate in peace and kindness, spend a night in a Japanese Temple. I will always remember the Japanese people for their kindness and I wish I could be there now to help them dig out and rebuild.”Mike Lorden, Cove Guardian

To hate a person for where they are born is like hating a tree for where it stands. It did not choose its place. Judge it for its fruit.

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