The Suffering of a Nation (via Cove Guardian Liberty Miller)

The Suffering of a Nation

I’ve been told numerous times that I’m a “bad American” because I’m not a baseball fan, I don’t like apple pie or eat hotdogs and I strongly feel that guns should be illegal. If those things indicate that I’m not loyal to my country, then so be it. I’ve always felt that I was born in the wrong era and in the wrong country anyway.

Not long ago, I was given the opportunity to spend four months living in Japan; a country that I had never thought twice about and had no particular desire to visit. These four months turned out to be the best of my life and proved to be the most amazing experience I’ve had thus far. Here I was, in a foreign country where I couldn’t understand anyone, where I couldn’t read the street signs or the food labels in the store and where I was performing a duty that made the Japanese media label me as a terrorist, yet nearly every single person I encountered was beyond friendly.

I come from a country where, as a woman, I automatically tense up and fear for my safety when I pass a group of men on the sidewalk. I come from a country where I’ve learned that the first thing I need to do when I get in my car or inside my house is lock the door. I come from a country where people are shot on the freeway, stabbed in the streets, raped in alleys and have their identity stolen like it was a 10 speed bicycle that was left sitting in a driveway. But this is how I grew up and fearing for my life every time I step out into society is a natural daily occurrence.

Never did I dream that a country existed where even people that are considered terrorists are treated kindly. READ MORE…

via Photographic Activism: The Suffering of a Nation.