#TheCove “What more can I do?”

For those that have asked me this question, there are many answers. You can spend five minutes a day online and The Cove Moviemake a real impact or you can spend hours. The choice is yours. If you are looking to get out and be more active, there are organizations that you can support. Handing out fliers and attending rallies are just a couple of things you can do.


If you are on Twitter, send out this tweet every day:

Ben Stiller n Friends Love #Dolphins (Vid): http://youtu.be/4uBfafEcqGU  Pls RT

It doesn’t mater how many followers you have. You are helping to flood the internet with one video that will make a difference. The more that this video is advertised, the more likely it will turn up. Our goal is to make it so that ‘The Cove’ is a subject that people will not be able to avoid.

If you have a blog, write about The Cove. If you are on Facebook or MySpace, share relative links. If you have YouTube, add The Cove trailer and PSA video to your favorites. You can also become a part of our cyber circles to learn more and participate in our online campaigns.

Here is more on what you can do online:

Get Active!

Our youth is the future of this planet. If the teens and children don’t want to go to marine theme parks, then there won’t be a reason to keep them open. Please make sure you read The Cove Youth Project.

You can support organizations that fight to save the Taiji dolphins by purchasing their goods and you will be furthering the cause at the same time. Unless you never leave the nudist colony, I’m willing to bet that you wear shirts. Isn’t it convenient that Save Japan Dolphins sells shirts? They also have hats, hoodies, bracelets, etc. You can donate to the cause and be a walking billboard at the same time. Who could ask for anything more? And let’s not forget the Cove Guardians who have spent every day in Taiji this past hunting season. Everybody looks cool in a Sea Shepherd shirt!

Get your goodies here: (Keep these online stores in mind when someone has a birthday.)

You can also join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. More on that here… Get Involved – Sea Shepherd

Read The Cove Youth Project

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SUPPORT Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!