Taiji Killers Spawn Hate for All Japan

Most people in Japan do not eat dolphin. In fact, most of them are not even aware of the massacres in Taiji. Many who do know of the dolphin holocaust are opposed to it. Unfortunately, the dolphin molesters want us to think differently. The murderers claim that their dirty deeds are a Japanese culture. This is a psychological ploy, so that when someone opposes their evil ways, they can then holler that racism is involved. They not only kill innocent sentient mammals, they also betray their own country by insinuating all Japanese citizens are barbaric ruffians.

I see many people worldwide, falling prey to the misconception that molesting dolphins is a Japanese pastime. When I do, I share a link or two with them such as Japan’s Tsunami Disaster NOT Karma or The Suffering of a Nation. Recently, I shared with Freddie. I must say that I have the utmost respect for anyone who can apologize in such a fashion.

The disaster in Japan has a natural effect on many of us who have a heart. We feel guilty that such a thing happened to others and we are confronted with our own mortality. Becoming angry is a self defense mechanism to overcome our more vulnerable emotional dispositions. Please do not let the few devils of Taiji spread their virus of hate.

To hate a person for where they are born is like hating a tree for where it stands. It did not choose its place. Judge it for its fruit.

To better understand the culture lie of the Taiji killers, please read Judgement Day by Janice Oceans.

“There is nothing racist about opposing whaling. I am opposed to all whaling by all people anywhere. There is only one race – the human race.” ~ Captain Paul Watson | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society