Georgia Bound: 2 – Atlanta

Cover of "The Cove"

Cover of The Cove

April 23, 2011: Amtrak – Crescent

Finally in transit and settled into my comfy coach seat, I had a plan. I set my things aside and was on my feet. Heading toward the lounge car, I spied out a woman who was watching a movie with her companion on her laptop. Upon returning to my seat I retrieved a DVD copy of The Cove from my backpack. She was pleasantly surprised as I handed over the movie, still in its plastic wrapping. Mission accomplished! This left me with one copy each of The Cove and Sharkwater. I would have to replenish my supplies soon.

After a few stops, a lady made the fortunate mistake of sitting right next to me. She was, of course, thoroughly educated in marine conservation by the time we reached Atlanta.

I stayed in a motel for one night before moving into an efficiency apartment. My wife was not fond of my drinking, so I took advantage of my new-found freedom to party hard. After all, I am an alcoholic! Come May, Kayla  and I had decided that we should be roommates for a month or two so that we could save up some money. We found a nice place near the lake and moved in.

May 5, 2011: Acworth, Georgia

I was feeling rather depressed and decided, in my infinite wisdom, that is was a good time to indulge in an endless supply of Long Island Iced Teas. I was sitting on the front porch of my new home, drinking and listening to music. The next thing I remember was walking into the house.

May 6, 2011: Grim Awakening

I opened my eyes to a dimly lit fluorescent light fixture. The ceiling had to be at least fifteen feet high. I rolled to me knees from the hard floor to discover my attire as that of a long blue dress, fashioned of rubber, foam and velcro. I wore not a shred of clothing otherwise. Not even a sock!

The baige room was no more than ten feet in length and width. There were no furnishings and the walls displayed no decor. A single metal door stood  centered before me in one wall. It had a small window within it.

I stood and discovered what appeared to be a rectangular shaped drain in the floor.

As I approached the door, I noticed that a piece of the wall had been chipped away. I ran my fingers in the hole to feel what looked like foam, but felt like rock. It was in fact foam, that had long since hardened to the density of concrete. Standing back, I analysed the wall further. The solidified coating extended up the walls on all sides but stopped far out of reach, revealing the cinder blocks that lie beneath it.

Oh my god! I was in a padded cell!


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