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[The investigative report uncovered the use of cash bribes, vacations and even prostitution as a means to secure support for the Japanese whaling agenda.]

Eighty-Nine Nations Ready for Verbal ‘Whale Wars’ in the Channel Islands

By Sandy McElhaney

As fans of the hit Animal Planet television series Whale Wars (Friday night at 9:00 p.m.) know, the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is an area surrounding Antarctica in which all types of commercial whaling are banned.  Despite this ban, in 2010, Japan sent a fleet of whaling vessels into the Southern Ocean with permits

for the slaughter of 935 Minke whales, 50 fin whales and 50 humpback whales — all under the guise of “research”.  The Japanese whaling fleet was quickly met by Captain Paul Watson and his fleet of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society activists.  As the episodes are currently airing, I won’t spoil the outcome for you, but will share the story of an

The International Whaling Commission logo.

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other “Whale Wars” getting set to kick-off in the Channel Islands in just a few short days.

The 63rd meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will be from July 4 to 14 in the Channel Islands.  The IWC was established following the creation of a 1946 international environmental agreement known as the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.  Signed in Washington DC by 15 nations, the objectives of the Conv ention are the protection of all whale species from overhunting, the establishment of a system of international regulation for the whale fisheries to ensure proper conservation and development of whale stocks, and safeguarding for futur e generations the great natural resources represented by whale stocks.  All of this work is conducted t hrough the IWC.  There are presently 89 member nations of the IWC.  In 1986, the IWC adopted a moratorium on commercial whaling.  Despite the ban, numerous loopholes within IWC regulations and enforcement allow for several nations to continue to hunt whales.  Among them are Japan, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes Islands.

Dolphins Kept Vigil on Irishmans’s Body

A GRIEVING mother said yesterday that she drew comfort at her son’s funeral yesterday after learning that a pod of dolphins had kept a vigil on his body after his fatal accident in Australia.

Shaun McBride, from Co Donegal, died in a tragic accident less than two weeks ago in Dampier, Western Australia, when scaffolding collapsed into the water beneath him.

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SeaWorld Sees Another Year of Declining Attendance

By Lori Weisberg

SeaWorld’s Shamu may have star power but not quite enough, it seems, to lift attendance at its San Diego and Orlando parks into positive territory.

For the third year in a row, attendance at the marine parks slipped, while other parks, notably Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood, saw significant gains, according to a new report released this week by AECOM and the nonprofit Themed Entertainment Association.

In San Diego, SeaWorld’s attendance fell by more than 9 percent, while other Southern California theme parks all saw gains, the report revealed. Universal Studios Orlando reaped huge rewards from last year’s opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, while Universal Hollywood benefited from the debut of King Kong 360 3-D.

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