The Lonely Goose: Euthanized? Hell No!

As humans, we are emotionally driven. Our pursuit for happiness is sometimes at the expense of others. In a world where animals are killed so that we may be pleased with our meals and the clothes we wear, we tend to dismiss the emotional capacity of the beings who suffer for our comforts. We humans are a selfish lot to the point of downright ignorance and/or evilness. We do, however, posses the ability for compassion. We have within us the means whereby we can actually care about the emotions of others. The choice remains to each and every one of us as to whether or not we will give a damn.

When my family and I lived in Missouri, we went shopping in a local country store. We happened upon a bin with numerous ducklings quacking about. My daughter, Jesse, exclaimed, “Ooh! I want a ducky!” My wife followed suit and said she wanted one too. We went home that day with a new feathered friend.

She grew fast! In a month we had a very large duck on our hands. With a fresh layer of newspaper on the laundry room floor every night, she slept inside. We didn’t close the door to the laundry room. Instead we put up a gate so that she could see us in the living room until it was time for lights-out. She simply hated to be alone. In the mornings, I would let her outside but she would not go unless I went with her. When I would go inside, she would holler for a good ten minutes.

When I later went outside, she would come running up to me. She would stretch out her neck and lay low to the ground for me to pet her. She loved for me to pet her. She was affectionate. Many times, I would sit near her toddler pool and read just so she could have me nearby.

It wasn’t fair to her. She was meant to be part of a flock. (It’s funny how we use such words as flock so that we are not reminded that animals have families.) We found someone in the countryside who had a pond full of ducks on their property. They took her and gave her a new home. They gave her a family of ducks who were just like her.

I miss Sharise until this very day, but we were more considerate for her pursuit of happiness than our own. We chose to have compassion.

The people from A.W.A.R.E. (Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort) got in touch with me yesterday. They would be willing to rehabilitate the lonely goose on Swan Lake and release her back into the wild. Unfortunately, their volunteer staff is very busy and too far away to come and get her. So they referred me to Arrowhead Environmental Education Center here in Floyd county. I called them and left a message describing the goose’s injuries and they returned my call this morning.

The woman on the phone said that the extent of the injuries meant that the goose would have to be euthanized (put down, put to sleep, mercifully killed) unless I could come up with five-hundred dollars for an operation. I told her that I would try to raise the money. She said that if an infection has set in, it may be too late.

Lo and behold! As I am writing this, I get a call from Dr. Tarah Hadley at AWARE wanting to check in on the progress of our lonely goose. I brought her up to speed. Not only is AWARE still willing to take care of the goose, Dr. Hadley she is now looking into possibilities of placing the poor soul in a sanctuary if she is not able to fly again. Wow! I love compassionate people!

I need your help! If there is anyone in the area who is able to help transport our feathered friend to Lithonia, Georgia from Rome, Georgia, please let me know. Frankly, we are poor and don’t have the gasoline right now. Try to bring a box big enough to hold a goose and two large towels. We will supply more bread with our EBT card.

Also, in the event that Dr. Hadley is not able to find a suitable sanctuary and you know of one, please contact me.


Please visit AWARE and thank them for their compassion.

CLICK HERE for AWARE contact info and Email form.

“Where there is a mind, there are feelings such as pain, pleasure, and joy. No sentient being wants pain: all wants happiness instead.” – Dalai Lama

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