The Lonely Goose: Nowhere in Sight

The Lonely GooseIn mid April of 2011, I flew from Massachusetts to Georgia to rally against sentient cetacean captivity at Georgia Aquarium. The morning of demonstration, I stood outside my hotel while waiting for a fellow protestor to pick me up. It was my first time in Atalanta and I was fascinated by what I saw. There were two geese walking around in the road just outside the hotel. I wondered if this was common in Atlanta. Were geese everywhere here? People slowed their vehicles and drove cautiously when they neared the feathered duo, but I was till nervous. I walked to ward them and asked them to leave the road. They did. I explained to them that it could be dangerous and hoped that there was some part of them that understood me; not that they understood English, so much as the urgency in my voice and the emotions that I displayed.

As I drew closer to them, I noticed that one of them appeared to have an injured wing. Now I understood why they were just hanging out. One of them could not fly and the other was obviously a mate or close relative. Soon, my ride arrived and I left for the Georgia Aquarium dolphin circus.

Later that day, upon returning to the hotel, we were less than a block away when I saw something in the road that took my breath away. The body of a goose lay in the road. At that very instant I heard the wailing of the other goose. It was not like any normal goose call and I shall probably never get the sound out of my head. It was the sound of a distraught soul overcome with immense grief.

Today is the second day in a row that I have not been able to find the lonely goose in her usual spot nor anywhere on the lake. I am at a loss on what else I could have done. A friend in Dallas, Texas actually offered to drive all the way here so that we could get the goose to AWARE and another friend offered to give her sanctuary on his land where he has a pond and lets the animals run free, but I was not able to simply get her to the first stage of her rescue.

I have no clue as to what happened to her. I can only speculate. It would appear that I once again simply did not do enough.