Orca Morgan’s family may have been found

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Marine biologists have identified orcas living close to the Norwegian island of Lofoten which make similar sounds to Morgan, the orca at the centre of a legal row over her possible transfer to a Tenerife amusement park, the AD reports on Friday.

 Morgan was found in the Wadden Sea in a severely weakened state over a year ago. She is currently being cared for at the Harderwijk dolfinarium, which plans to hand her over to Tenerife because she cannot be returned to the wild.

 But campaigners won an injunction banning the transfer pending further research into the likelihood of Morgan surviving if released.


 Now researchers say there is a good chance they have identified Morgan’s relatives because the Lofoten orcas have been found to make similar sounds.

 ‘There are several hundred in different groups and you see them all year round,’ Heike Vester of Ocean Sounds, an organisation which records orca language, told the paper.

 A better recording of Morgan will now be made to try to determine how close the relatives are.

Source: DutchNews.nl

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