Cyber Whale Warrior STUFF

Thanks to, I am now selling a number of products with unique graphics on them. I’d like to thank my friend, Pilar Posada, for designing the custom Cyber Whale Warrior logo. I’d also like to thank all of my Cyber Whale Warrior friends for their support and for motivating me to start this online shop.

Note: Please donate to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Save Japan Dolphins or your local Occupy Wall Street event before you shop here. I will receive a small commission from each sale which I will then use to purchase more of The Cove dvds, items from SSCS, SJDolphins or pay my internet bill. Nevertheless, I am not a non-profit organization and I will feel better knowing that you first donated to them. Oh, and don’t freak out at the small selection. I will be adding more items very soon.

Thank you kindly,
Holise E Cleveland III

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