Witch Hunt in the State of Paranoia | #OccupyBoston #OWS

It started with some teenage girls who concocted a couple of stories. That was all it took for Salem, Massachusetts to go on a full-blown witch hunt. We are all familiar with how innocent people were murdered by paranoid officials, but that is ancient history. Right?

In 2007, Boston made world news when it shut down the city over some neon signs of a robot. Cartoon Network had placed them in nine other cities, but Boston PD and city officials flipped out! They thought the signs were bombs. Despite being the laughing stock of the planet, they went on a witch hunt to arrest the gentlemen who posted the signs and to sue Cartoon Network, who must obviously be possessed of devils!

It would appear that the state of paranoia still prevails even today. After freaking out over a peaceful protest in a public park, I’m quite curious to see what they will do next. View video below.

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