Proposal for Post-Revolution Presidential Election

To: The People (the ninety-nine percent) of the United States of America

 I propose that the president of the new Occupied United States of America be a Native American


Our country needs a fresh, clean start. As it has been built on the sins and transgressions of our ancestors, it would be a step in the right direction to allow the original occupants to govern this land that we now call, “Home.” It is time that we do something in this country simply because it is the right thing to do.

If the ninety-nine percent (we the people) immediantelty reach a consensus to only allow a Native American as president, we will set the stage for determining the agendas of all politicians. In other words, if a politician shows support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, (knowing that he/she has no chance of becoming president), we will know that they have the people’s best interest at heart. Likewise, if a politician who has claimed solidarity for OWS recants his/her support, we will know that self-promotion was the only motivating factor.


The Native American Nations shall choose the candidates. We, the people whom presently occupy their soil, shall ask their blessing to take part in the election process.

Ideal Candidates:

While the original occupants of this land shall have say on whom the candidates shall be, I would like to suggest the following be considered.

The ideal candidate shall be:

  1. well educated
  2. honest to a fault.
  3. impoverished.
  4. profoundly compassionate and altruistic; thus, vegan.
  5. one who does not initially aspire to politics.
  6. willing to accept the responsibilities of president for minimum wage.

Of course, our president will have all the comforts of the station but monetary gain should not be an issue when accepting the role as this country’s leader. Furthermore, he or she should not be allowed to profit from the position while in office.

I respectfully request that the Occupants of Wall Street and other cities nationwide, consider addressing this proposal as a template whereby we may begin to set the foundation for the new government.

Thank you kindly,

Holise Edward Cleveland III