Killing Taiji Dolphins is Anything But Painless

Approximately 20,000 dolphins, porpoises, and small whales are slaughtered each year in Taiji, Japan. Beginning on September 1, the hunting season runs through the end of March of the following year. Hidden from the public, these animals are mercilessly stabbed, and are left to thrash around until they die. The “lucky” ones are sentenced to a life in captivity. Note that we are only 2 months into the hunting season, and already approximately 100 innocent animals have died. This number would be higher, but opposing weather forces have allowed pods of dolphins to thwart their killers. For more information on these killings, click HERE. And for those of you who who still find it hard to believe that people could be so cruel to innocent beings such as dolphins, here is real footage showing just how agonizing their deaths are. For many dolphins, it can take up to ten minutes to finally escape the horror, as they writhe around, desperately trying to escape. There aren’t enough words to express how atrocious this is. “The horror of lying on your side, out of the water, having trouble breathing, hearing the sounds of your podmates as they’re slaughtered.” (Hardy founder)

Please help save these dolphins. They don’t deserve to endure this brutal treatment. Let’s stop this! Find out how you can help!