Georgia Bound 10 – Pet Friendly

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I called my wife and we talked for hours. We were still very much in love and couldn’t wait to see each other. I told her that I would try to get back to Massachusetts in a few months, but she wouldn’t hear it. She started listing everything she could – our televisions, washer, dryer, everything – on Craig’s List for sale so that she could afford to move to Georgia as soon as possible.

I found a pet-friendly motel just on the outskirts of Cartersville and checked in. I timed her arrival so that I now stood outside the motel and watched the road for a fire-red 2000 Monte Carlo in almost mint condition. It was a very long thirty minutes before I saw the car come over the hill. I was so excited, “Here she comes!” I said aloud. “And there she goes.” She passed it. I snatched my cell phone from my pocket and called her.

“I know, I know I passed you,” she laughed. I had told her it was the Red Roof Inn when it was actually the Red Carpet Inn. Well they sound the same. Right?

She pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of the vehicle. A symphony of bliss played around us as we finally embraced. Kyra was hollering, “Daddy! Daddy!” Zues and Mattie were yelping. The cockatiels were singing. It sounded like a scene from a Disney movie.

Jesse was not there. She wanted to stay in Massachusetts with her biological father. Jenni wasn’t crazy about the idea, to say the least, but she would never force Jesse to stay with her. Besides, it left a bit more room in the car for the rest of the gang.

For a new home, we set our focus on Rome, Georgia. It was a moderately sized town with one really great attribute, it was not in Bartow County. It wasn’t easy finding a place that accepts pets. I find this to be a crime against compassion. If you do the research, you will find that the numbers of dogs killed annually is staggering. They are killed. They are murdered! They label this despicable deed with a fancy word, Euthanize. What’s worse is that it could be prevented. It could be stopped by the very people that consider themselves animal lovers, simply by getting their dogs and cats from a shelter instead of a pet shop.

Pet shops have their animals provided by breeders or puppy mills. Why? What sense does it make? Do you really think that this country has a shortage of cats and dogs? Why does anyone need to breed them? They don’t! According to HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) about 25% of the dogs put to sleep are full-breeds. So even for those fancy people who have to have a special dog, for those snooty people who are prejudiced even when it comes to canines, there are plenty of dogs at the shelters to choose from. When you look at the number of dogs and cats killed compared to the number purchased from pet stores, then you see just how messed up the system is.

Just remember this. For every dog or cat you buy at a pet shop, you are killing one. Keep that in mind every time you look at your pet. If you have any compassion and you have a pet that was bought from a pet shop, you will adopt one from your local shelter soon to atone for your sins!

Do you ever wonder how all these animals wind up at the pound? It’s not like our country is overrun with packs of wild dogs! Where do you think they come from? Many of them are abandoned. They are left behind by people who cannot have pets at their new residence. So if you know of any apartment complex, community or landlord that does not allow pets, know also that they have a part in the mass murder of millions of innocent animals. These animals live, breathe, love and think. They are beautiful creatures and they are being ruthlessly terminated by the money grubbing Landlord! You don’t believe me? Just ask one why they don’t accept pets. It all comes down to their money! Compassion is either non-existent in them or it is tossed aside when it comes to their money. To think that some of them would actually call themselves religious when their actions are so evil should be a red flag to everyone that their real god is the almighty dollar!

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