Holise E Cleveland III
c/o William S. Davies Shelter
228 South Broad Street
Rome, GA 30161

This place is fantastic! Now that I am not at the Salvation Army shelter, I can do some really outrageous things! I can plug my cell phone in to charge it! I can plug anything in, even my laptop. I can walk outside with a coffee cup. I can actually go in the kitchen and use the microwave! I do not have to leave the shelter until 7:45am, which is great because SOW INC opens at 8am. Sundays, we do not have to leave at all. We can sit in the warmth and comfort of a friendly and compassionate atmosphere. I love it already and I will certainly share more later.

By the way, a few days ago I received a whole case of coffee cups in answer to my article Coffee Cup Insubordination. Yesterday morning, I let a friend watch Earthlings on my computer and in the afternoon, I popped in Sharkwater at SOW INC. So, what about you? Have you shared any good movies with anyone lately? Invite friends and relatives over for dinner and a movie! If you don’t have friends, go make some. There are some lonely homeless people somewhere near you. It’s simple. Just order a bunch of these pamphlets from the Animal Welfare Institute. Show The Cove to some homeless people and ask them if they want to hand out some of the pamphlets. I can promise you that they will be more than happy to spread them around town.

I did run into a dilemma. The fellow that watched Earthlings said that he would love to become vegan, but couldn’t afford to. He has no money and has to rely on places like the Salvation Army and local churches. See! I told you we have an issue here that needs to be addressed. Bring this problem to the attention of any local vegan cafe’s and stores. See if they will donate some food that you can offer to the homeless people in your area. We need homeless shelters that serve cruelty-free meals, but until then we will just have to do whatever we can.

Here’s the plan. This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

  1. Get involved with a local shelter. Volunteer and donate what you can.
  2. Get to know the managers and directors.
  3. Share The Cove with them.
  4. Share A Fall From Freedom, Sharkwater, The End of the Line and Forks Over Knives with them (in that order).
  5. Finally, open their eyes with Earthlings.

Just like that! You’ve converted an establishment to veganism. What are you waiting for?