William S Davies Homeless Shelter and SOW INC

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Compassion is the cornerstone of William S. Davies shelter for single men and women. I should know. I am currently abiding in the shelter for men. I am quite taken aback at the manner in which our needs are provided. We are treated with many of the comforts in which one may only have at home. The living area is furnished with cozy couches and a large television set whereby we relax at the end of the day. In the spacious kitchen, large meals are served to feed the hungry. It would appear that no expense is spared in purchasing these meals. Even breakfast is a delight. This morning, pastries made available to us were obtained from none other than Starbucks. Even with my picky vegan diet, I have a variety to choose from. We eat on real plates and drink from real coffee mugs and glasses. We even use real silverware.

On weekdays, we leave each morning at 8:00am and return at 5:00 pm. The times were 7:45 am to 5:30 pm, however, the cold weather has prompted the shelter to make slight adjustments so that we would not be out in the cold any longer than necessary. SOW INC (a family shelter), which is just a block away, has its doors open to us from 8am to 5pm. Those who have nowhere to go during the day now have some place warm around the clock.

Sundays are very special at the shelter. We are allowed to stay in all day and rest on the Sabbath. The manager takes a genuine interest in our unique situations. He reminds people of their appointments and provides us with information which can be useful. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and respect. Charity, in its most sacred definition, is not delivered merely in words or quotes but in acts of compassion.

The rules are not overabundant, nor are they unwarranted. Daily breathalyzer tests and random drug screenings actually help to give, one such as myself, a sense of security. We each wash our own wares after meals and clean up after ourselves, as it should be in any home. We are assigned daily simple chores that take no time at all as they are divided up evenly and fairly.

I consider William S. Davies Homeless Shelter to be a role model among similar establishments everywhere. I count myself fortunate to be there but sincerely hope that none of my readers ever have to be homeless. Nevertheless, if you are in dire straights in Rome, Georgia, I pray there is a space for you there.

SOW INC (Serving Others Worldwide) is also an icon of altruism. This family shelter even goes so far as to allow pets. They are dedicated to providing for the needy in more ways than just lending a temporary roof overhead. I am especially grateful that they allow us singles into their establishment each and every day. Here we are allowed to use the phone for appointments or any business we may have. There is a computer available for those who want to conduct a job search, apply for assistance or just contact family on Facebook. A large recreation room is furnished with a widescreen television, microwave and coffee maker.

William S. Davies and SOW INC are less than a block away from each other. Considering my present misfortune, I consider myself to be in the best part of town. Thank God for compassionate people!

I’ll bet you thought I wasn’t going to say anything about marine conservation. Hah! Think again.