Americans and Whale Slaughter

U.S.Navy Surtass LFA program and the taking of Marine Mammals

By Stephen Hambrick – Champions for Cetaceans

Send all comments on latest permit RIN 0648–XA792 request to use sonar/air guns to NOAA e mail at

The U.S. Navy has recently applied for a permit authorizing the incidental taking of up to 94 species of Marine Mammals over the next five year period beginning in August 2012 thru August 2017,being incidental to its testing of low frequency sonar under it’s Surtass program.70 Cetaceans and 24 Pinnipeds during what it calls military readiness activities.The Navy has stated that it will not exceed 180 decibels of sonar ping,in prior years and over the last 50 years the acceptable level of decibels was classified at 120 to comply with safety issues regarding Marine Mammals.The Navy’s application for permit with the NMFS states that it will not use this sonar testing within 12 miles of any coastline,and that such tests will not be performed within the Arctic Ocean or Antarctica,or any biologically recognized breeding areas of Marine Mammals. Read More . . .

For Miller Nash It’s Thumbs Down for the Whales

By Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


The Portland-Seattle based law firm of Miller Nash will represent the outlaw Japanese whaling fleet which is targeting endangered whales in an international whale sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on whaling. They are seeking to shut down Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s efforts to defend and protect whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Sea Shepherd is surprised that an American law firm, with a reputation for supporting a no-kill animal shelter, would represent a company that is illegally slaughtering defenseless whales inside the boundaries of a whale sanctuary.

Miller Nash law firm donates to a no-kill Animal Shelter in Prineville, Oregon: Sea Shepherd applauds them for their humane concerns and for the support they give to the shelter. Miller Nash obviously has lawyers in their firm who care about the welfare of animals. Read More . . .

United States regrets Japan’s renewed whaling in the Southern Ocean and is concerned about threats of violence

The United States deeply regrets that Japan has decided to continue its controversial whaling in the Southern Ocean. The United States also expresses its deep concern about the possibility of violence in connection with such whaling.

“We are very concerned about Japan continuing its whaling program in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary,” said Monica Medina, U.S. commissioner to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and principal deputy under secretary of commerce for NOAA. “These catches will only increase the growing friction within the IWC over how to deal with the large number of whales that continue to be killed while a moratorium remains in place. There is no reason to kill these creatures in order to learn about them. All the necessary science that we need for the management of whales can be achieved using non-lethal techniques.” Read More . . .