10 More Days for Erwin Vermeulen

Japan extends detention of Dutch activist

The Japanese authorities on Tuesday extended the detention of Dutch anti-whaling activist Erwin Vermeulen by 10 days.

He was arrested on 16 December when attempting to film the transfer of dolphins from the sea to holding pens at the Japanese resort of Taiji. An employee claims that Erwin pushed him but there were no other witnesses to this allegation.

Mr Vermeulen is a volunteer with the Sea Shepherd organisation, which has since launched a campaign to obtain his release. The anti-whaling organisation urges visitors to its Facebook account to make calls and write letters to the Japanese foreign ministry and other authorities.

Every year, Tajii is the scene of a massive dolphin hunt, with the Japanese authorities issuing 23,000 licenses to coastal areas for dolphin slaughter. Some animals are sold to aquariums worldwide. Vermeulen had travelled to Japan at his own expense to collect footage of the slaughter. Read More via Radio Netherlands Worldwide . . .