Wear it Out! @SeaShepherd @SJDolphins Gear

HoneyMoon Bakery - Rome, GA

Yesterday I was doing my usual thing at my laptop. While sitting in my makeshift office – located at HoneyMoon Bakery – I heard someone exclaim, “Sea Shepherd!” The lad looked to be about fourteen years of age and was obviously taken aback by my SSCS gear. I gave him a copy of The Cove, some pamphlets from the Animal Welfare Institute and a couple of my cards. Moments later, a young lady approached me and asked me what season of Whale Wars I had been in. I explained that I did not appear among the heroes on the front line and told her about the onshore volunteer program. I gave her cards, pamphlets and A Fall From Freedom

Wear your Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and your Save Japan Dolphins gear often! You never know what may come of it. One way to spread awareness is to let people see our commitment and dedication to marine conservation. Even if some are not aware of the organizations, they will get curious after they see enough of the same logos. So don’t just wear your gear; wear it out!

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At the very least, sport your Sea Shepherd garb every Friday. In memory of the first dolphins murdered this past season, wear your Save Japan Dolphins memorabilia every Wednesday – the very day they were killed. During the rest of the week you can mix and match, like I do. A couple of Earthlings shirts would be pretty cool too and don’t forget to keep plenty of copies of The Cove on hand. Keep one on your person and a few in your glove compartment.

Don’t have any or you don’t have enough? I have provided the links below.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller