Trolls of Rome

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“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” ~ James D. Miles

The Rome News-Tribune article, in which I was featured, made the front page this past Monday morning. The online edition, likewise, is currently at the top of the list for “Most Commented” upon. It is also number two for the “Most Read Stories.” While I would like to extend a hearty thank you to my friends and supporters, I must also give credit to the naysayers. Whereas many of you may have simply left a comment and gone on your way, the gossipers have initiated conversation and debate. Not only have they contributed to the success of the story, it has created considerable traffic to In effect, they are sending people to my site to be educated on marine conservation and the issues that are most worthy of attention for our planet and the inhabitants therein.

I could have left my own comments to clear things up. For example, they ridiculed me as if Kyra where my biological daughter. She does know me as her father and I do consider her my daughter but there argument is based on my blood connection with her. Of course, those of you who have been reading my blog or know me in any other way know the facts. Out of the goodness of her heart and in my defense, JamieLynn2001 set them straight on that particular issue. I am touched by her rescue but I am purposely biding my time so that we can let them continue their ranting.

Comments upon the pages of the Rome News-Tribune are included in the same html document as the story itself. Subsequently, each time someone posts new text, the search engines re-index the content of the page; thus, refreshing it in their database and making it more readily available for search results. As you have heard me say before, “Controversy turns a subject into an issue.” I expected the trolls to initiate this tirade and I appreciate all of your help in keeping it  going. I am proud to have you as friends and flattered that you are so adamantly defending me.

If you engage in conversation with the naysayers, please remember to be polite and respectful because you are better than them. They will continue to be judgmental because that is what they are. They will continue to be without compassion because they do not understand the concept. They will still spew pessimism because that is what they do. Even after reading this, they will not be able to help themselves but to deliver their derogatory propaganda. So feel free to string them along. I am rather enjoying it. Also, take comfort in knowing that these trolls are cowards. They could never do such a thing as this:

My name is Holise E Cleveland III and I can be found at 228 South Broad Street in Rome, Georgia  30161. During the day, I can usually be found at the HoneyMoon Bakery at 228 Broad Street if I am not out and about.

I have taken the liberty of including below a remarkable piece of writing by an incredible author, Captain Paul Watson. Please take the time to read it as I do on occasion. While it is about Facebook, it still helps to keep my online ventures in perspective. If you are fortunate enough to be one of his Facebook friends, you may view it in his “Notes” section.

THE FACE OF TEZCATLIPOCA – Observations Concerning Facebook.

by Paul Watson on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 8:31pm


The Aztec God TEZCATLIPOCA is the God of death, night, addiction and temptation. He carries a smoking mirror which bewilders enemies and confuses the issues but is happiest when leading people down the garden path to evil. He specializes in shape-shifting.

I think that TEZCATLIPOCA should be the patron saint of Facebook.   

Signing on to Facebook is the modern day equivalent of opening up Pandora’s box. Once opened the box releases the effluence of humanity into our faces, exposing us to undesirable people, unwanted hostilities and bullying attitudes from craven faceless people. Facebook is the bridge under which the cyber troll lives.

There are of course positive sides to Facebook in that it allows for positive communication on many levels and the sharing of ideas and can lead to real friendships in the real world.

It must never be allowed to replace real friends and the real world.

Posts on Facebook are opinions and nothing more. A posting does not automatically bestow credibility or a truth.

Some Observations About Facebook

People are free to express themselves on their own Facebook pages but not free to express themselves disrespectfully or rudely on the pages of other people. You should not say anything on someone else’s page that you would not say to them if you were a guest in their home. If you do, you may be asked to leave and this has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Freedom of speech applies to public forums or your own personal forum but is subject to the host of the page being posted on. If someone offends you on your own page – delete them.

Anyone may delete anyone from their Facebook page without explanation. People freely accepted can be freely deleted. Better to delete someone than to waste time in trivial bickering or to be subject to abuse.

If someone deletes you there is no need to be upset unless it’s your family, real friends or someone you actually know. Being deleted by someone you have never met is hardly an insult. It is no different than closing a book on a subject you are reading. You may do so because you are irritated, frustrated, bored or angry. The reason does not matter. It is your page and your decision and thus your business.

If someone is really abusive – block them and/or report them.

Do not post anything on Facebook you would not post on a two story electronic billboard in Times Square in New York for the world to see and if you do post something, don’t be surprised if it turns up on pages all over the planet. Don’t post pictures you don’t wish to see turn up who knows where.

People can be strange and Facebook exaggerates that strangeness. People can be insensitive and cruel and Facebook allows for these traits to be exaggerated also.

People tend to be more cruel and insensitive when they can hide behind their computer screens.  The courage of the anonymous keyboard experts and bullies is extraordinary.

Facebook can dehumanize and depersonalize human beings and that explains how people can be cruel to people they don’t know and have never met. If you don’t know a person who is attacking you, their criticisms are irrelevant.

Remember a “friend” is not really a friend by virtue of being listed as a “friend” on your facebook page.

A troll is a mythical Nordic figure that lives under bridges waiting for unsuspecting travelers to pass over so that he can appear and take advantage of them. A person who lurks on a page for the purpose of causing annoyance, irritation or harm is a “troll.”

There are four weapons that can be used against the modern day troll and that is (1) the “delete” button, (2) the “unfriend” button, (3) the “block” button and (4) the “report” button.

Remember if you do not actually know the person commenting there is no reason to be upset by the comment. Simply delete the person and ignore them. If they persist and return under a fake name – report them.

Remember anything that a stranger may say about you is of no consequence.

If people are talking about you on other pages, remember also that Oscar Wilde once remarked; “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

If you do anything, say anything, or write anything of value, you will be subject to criticism and verbal assault.  The greater the animosity against you – the more influential you are.  People become abusive and defensive when threatened and if you say anything or do anything that threatens their “values” they can be abusive in response.  The more threatened, the more abusive they are. The solution – ignore them.

It’s always healthy to clean your house regularly and if you see no reason to have someone as a “friend” – delete them.

Facebook has changed human behaviour – all new media does. Media shapes us, manipulates us, molds us, influences us and modifies our behaviour.

Facebook can be addictive and like any healthy field of crops should be allowed to lie fallow for periods of time while you explore the real world.

Facebook is not permanent. Like MySpace and other social forums before it, it will evolve into something different.

Facebook should really be called the Masked Face book because so many people present only the mask and not the real person behind the mask.

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“An authentic attitude of compassion doesn’t change, even faced with another person’s negative behavior.” – Dalai Lama