VOTE: Were Activists Right in Boarding the Vessel?

Sea Shepherd anti-whaling protestors held on board Japanese ship off the coast of Bunbury

Three Australian anti-whaling campaigners have boarded a Japanese whaling vessel early this morning and have been detained on board, whaling activists are claiming.

The Federal Government said its priority is to make sure the three whaling activists were being well cared for, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said.

Ms Roxon told reporters in Melbourne the government has been in touch with the Japanese government to find out exactly where the security ship is in Australia’s exclusive economic zone in the waters off Western Australia.

“It’s early days and it’s happened just a number of hours ago,” Ms Roxon said.

“Our top priority is to make sure Australian citizens are safe and that they are being well cared for.”

She said the boat had not applied to come to shore to offload the three protesters and that they may end up in Japan.

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