Did Danny DeVito Watch ‘The Cove?’

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In February of 2011, I was following Danny DeVito’s tweets. Someone asked him to watch the Academy Award winning film, The Cove. His reply was such that he did not intend to see innocent sentient beings horrifically slaughtered. I can certainly relate with Mr. DeVito, as I am sure many of you can. Some people simply cannot handle watching The Cove. I applaud Danny’s compassion and his courage at being outspoken about it. I asked him, “Danny, If U won’t watch The Cove, at least watch the extended trailer… http://youtu.be/szBxUQHtVkg Please.”

He replied, “I’m gonna watc the cove next week.”

You can Click Here to see his reply.

I have since asked him if he has watched the film and he has yet to respond.

When Rosie O’Donnell proudly displayed her catch of a shark, there was much tumult on the part of activists. As seen in Sharkwater, sharks are being senselessly hunted in the millions. Many are even on the verge of extinction. O’Donnell is obviously unaware of the plight of these wonderful creatures.

On December 17, 2011, Rosie replied to Bob Timmons and me. Once again, this was on Twitter. She was of course getting slammed with tweets about her fishy folly. (See Rosie’s Reply Here.)

The stars are on Twitter. They receive thousands of questions and comments daily. On that day, she had many of the same questions and comments on the same issue. This could very well be the reason why Rosie responded. We got her attention.

Now I need your help. Let’s get Danny DeVito’s attention! Please join with me in politely asking him if he has yet to see The Cove. If not, we could encourage him to do so or we can ask him to at least watch A Fall From Freedom.

I have had other interactions with high-profile celebrities. Twitter is where they are. Twitter is where everyone is. Facebook is ideal for interacting with our circle of friends, but Twitter is the place we go to reach the world. So, if you are on the world wide web and you are not on Twitter, you are barely tapping into the potential of the internet connection you have. For more, please read Why Tweet? Why ReTweet?

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Are you not on Twitter? Reach the world! Reach the Stars! Just REACH OUT!