Whale Wars Update 16Feb2012

A Dangerous Pursuit through a Maze of Ice

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

For three stressful days the Sea Shepherd ship, Steve Irwin, has been leading the Japanese harpoon vessel, Yushin Maru No. 3, deeper into the pack ice of the northeast part of the Ross Sea.

“In order to close in on the Nisshin Maru, we must lose the tail of the Yushin Maru No. 3,” said Captain Paul Watson. “It is difficult because the Japanese hunting and killing ships are faster and more maneuverable than we are. So far we have had two skirmishes with the whalers in the last two days. Giacomo Giorgi (30) of Italy was injured slightly when he was struck in the hip with a long pole by one of the whalers.” READ MORE . . .

The Empire Strikes Back

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

If Whale Wars were Star Wars, this season would be called The Empire Strikes Back.

Last season the Japanese whaling fleet returned to Japan a month and a half early, defeated, bankrupt and humiliated. We had defeated the dark side.

They had only taken 17% of their kill quota and they lost tens of millions of dollars in profit.

As Sea Shepherd crossed half the globe to oppose blue fin tuna poachers in the Mediterranean, vicious seal clubbers in Namibia and the merciless evil Faroese pilot whale killers in the North Atlantic, the bureaucrats in the Japanese Fisheries Agency plotted their revenge. READ MORE . . .