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They shall turn upon their families first: their parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. “Why didn’t you tell me?” they will shout in desperation. “How could you not know this?”

Those of us who know will be in much danger. They will take hold of us, shake us and demand, “Why didn’t you make me listen?”

As seen in the documentary The End of the Line, scientists have determined that all sea life may be depleted by the year 2048. With the oceans supplying at least seventy percent of our oxygen, the effects will be catastrophic. Some authorities on the subject have speculated that it may be even sooner. When the air that we breathe is obviously dwindling, no government or mainstream media will be able to convince the general public that all is well. They will first turn to those of us who have been trying to warn them all along. We shall then be considered the wise ones — as opposed to the crazy activists that they had assumed us to be.

Organizations that have been preaching for years, such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, will be held in high regard. Neptune’s Navy shall become a household term and government’s will seek their counsel. Paul Watson’s society will have been fighting for our planet for almost half of a century with an aggressive manner in which no other organization has. The world will be angry and desperate. They will not want to be bothered with the passivity of Greenpeace or the naivety of some new and young upstart charity. The people of the planet will turn to Sea Shepherd and appoint them as guardians of Mother Earth.

You do not have to take my word for it. You can simply wait and see.

Meanwhile, what are you doing? Whom have you enlightened lately? Do you dare to berate your friends and loved ones to listen to you? Do you constantly insist that they watch documentaries or read articles that will get them involved? Does your compassion for them override your reluctance to be considered a fanatic or will they stone you in the streets because you knew the truth and did not press the issue?

Save yourself! Save your family! Have compassion on your friends and neighbors. Watch The End of the Line and share as described in my article A Flat Earth to a Dead Planet. Raise and spread awareness as if your life depended on it because it does!

My name is Holise E Cleveland III and I support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society because it is my choice, it is my calling and — as my conscience dictates — it is my obligation.

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