Horse Slaughter Promoter Alleges Death Threats to YMCA Director

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Press Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

Wyoming’s State Rep. Sue Wallis Caught in Tornado of Controversy and Rumor

Mountain Grove, MO (EWA) – A bizarre chain of events has followed the contentious meeting of the Mountain Grove City Council on March 6th concerning the Unified Equine proposal to build a horse slaughter plant near the town.

Unified Equine CEO Sue Wallis claimed that the project would be a 50% partnership with Belgian company Chevideco, and that they would invest $6 to $7 million in a plant that would be designed by Dr. Temple Grandin.

But during the meeting city residents became inflamed by a presentation given by attorney Cynthia MacPherson, cataloging the pollution and crime that Chevideco’s Dallas Crown facility had brought to the town of Kaufman Texas.

When banker Roger Lindsey rose to defend the project he was shouted down and left the meeting. The…

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