The Cove Guardians are in the police station and at this moment

via Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

A Bizarre Display of Police Authority in Taiji, Japan

Japanese nationalists accost Cove GuardiansEvents unfolding today in Taiji are beyond understanding.  Five Cove Guardians from three nations are there monitoring the dolphin killers and dolphins in captivity.  A gang of Japanese nationalists showed up at the cove this morning and when they saw the Guardians the nationalists reacted violently.  The nationalists’ reaction is not surprising.  What is surprising is the police reaction to the event.

The police, who supposedly have authority and weapons, let the nationalists act against the Guardians in ways that would assuredly get Guardians arrested if we treated the dolphin killers the same way.  Again, we are not particularly surprised by this double standard and have come to expect it.

What is baffling is how the police later handled the matter.  The police told Melissa, the Cove Guardian leader, that the Guardians provoked the police by having gone swimming in the cove earlier this week.  In other words, the police are treating us the way police sometime blame a rape victim for having worn a short skirt.

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