Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins need your help now!

Hector's Dolphins at Porpoise Bay. This was sc...

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By Peggy Oki – Let’s Face It

Hi everyone ♥ here, please COPY & PASTE the following on your wall, and participate in “Let’s Face It”:

With an estimated population drop in less than a decade from 111 to only 79 of the Maui’s left, they urgently need your help ✮ and we would love to see your beautiful faces as part of our campaign.

We are nearing our deadline to collect everyone’s visual petition (VP) to allow for time needed to produce sets of banners and posters.

Your “Let’s Face It” visual petitions would help us reach our goal of 1,000 by 20 March 2012.

There are at least 152 VPs on the Facebook “Let’s Face It” page, and I have an additional 250 that are in preparation.

Please spread the word! Also, it would be wonderful to have your help in collecting visual petitions (VPs) for the “Let’s Face It” campaign. If you would like to collect VPs, please message me, Peggy Oki, with your e-mail address so that I can send you suggestions on teaming up & the documents about the campaign. Thanks!!♥

Please click here, and see how easy it is for you send in your visual petition:

Peggy Oki.

Sign the Maui’s Dolphin Submission NOW at!