Shelley’s New Vegan Shirt

Awesome vegan shirt!

Actually, I’m VEGAN because I don’t think I’m superior to ANYONE.

Miss Shelley Williams has a new shirt and I love it!

When I saw the new addition to her wardrobe in my Facebook news feed, I rushed over to her page to ask if I could download a copy.

Some people say that vegans feel they are superior to others only because vegans make them uncomfortable. The mere concept of veganism forces them to acknowledge that there are individuals whose compassion extends past their own species. While some omnivorous may consider themselves animal lovers, they are merely pet lovers. Vegans love all animals. Meat eaters don’t like that! It shows them up and makes them think about things that they have been conditioned to disconnect from!

“Actually, I’m VEGAN because I don’t think I’m superior to ANYONE.” . . . including all animals!

If you are vegan, then you have undoubtedly come across her videos. They are many times humorous but very engaging and thought-provoking. You can view her videos at