Understanding Hashtags

A hashtag is a special link for Twitter. It is made simply by attaching the pound sign “#” to the front of a word. When you click on the hashtag, you are brought to a list of all the tweets wherein that hashtag has been used most recently.

Click on the #CyberWhaleWarrior tag (hashtag) now for an example.

This way, you can follow a subject. Other examples of tags (subjects) you may follow would be:

  • #Tweet4Taiji
  • #Orlando
  • #Biodiversity
  • #Oceans
  • #Horses
  • #Quotes

Combining tags and/or keywords can refine search results. (Example: #Orlando #Weather) Please note that these special tags have no spaces, so something like “# Ocala” will not be functional. That’s it! Pretty simple, huh? Now get out there and utilize those hashtags!

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